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PRAYERS ON CONCEPTION 1. Father I worship You for saving me from sin and curses of barrenness. 2. Thank You Lord for giving me the authority and the mandate to be fruitful and to multiply 3. Adonai, Almighty God I worship You for the power of conception bestowed upon me. 4. All glory being given…


2017 PROPHETIC WORD. Prophetically, 2017 represents 10+ 10 +7 . 10 represents spiritual completion. While 7 represents spiritual perfection. Which means we are in the Year of double completion and spiritual rest. The Bible in Genesis 2:2 stated that, on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done. The Year you are…


Dearly beloved of the lord. Happy New year. We thank the lord almighty for the privilege of a New Year. I had revelations as the year ended on the need to safe guard your destiny from Demonic imprisonment. My confidence herein as believers is the supreme sacrifice that Jesus came to set the captives free…


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